The turquoise sky is almost too blue to be believed, the desert landscape mutable and foreign. You can watch the sun and moon rise over the Sea of Cortez and set over the Pacific Ocean, all in the same day.
A natural stone arch at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula, The arch marks the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, each an unpredictable shade of blue or green.

The Baja Peninsula is divided politically into two Mexican states. The northern state is called Baja (lower) California and the southern state is Baja California Sur (south).

The Los Cabos ("the Capes") region of the Southern Baja California is now home to the bustling towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.
San Jose is the more sedate, among activities available there are horseback, riding across the sandy beaches, golf and shopping in an authentic Mexican atmosphere.
Cabo San Lucas, with a population of 25,000, is the faster-growing of the two, in the past few years, swanky new hotels and sleek condos have been added to round out this vacation destination.
At night, few places can compete with the party atmosphere of Cabo San Lucas, with its all-night discos, clubs, bars and restaurants.

The Los Cabos climate ranges from tropical near the beach to arid inland and alpine in the mountains.

Some of the world's deepest water is just offshore from Los Cabos, and San Lucas Bay is said to be the third or fourth deepest bay in the world. Record marlin, swordfish and sailfish, tuna, wahoo, roosterfish, rays and many others are caught in local waters.

If you're fortunate to be visiting Los Cabos in the months of January through March, it's likely that at some point during your stay you'll be treated to the sight of whales spouting off shore.

More than 150 flights land at San José del Cabo International Airport every week. Los Cabos, on the tip of Mexico's Baja peninsula, is among the world's fastest growing golf destinations, there are five champion ship golf courses.


Although each of the lagoons is hundreds of miles or more up the peninsula, whale watching around Los Cabos can be very fruitful. While the gray whale is not the only species you will see (blue, humpback, sperm, Bryde's, sei, fin, and the occasional orca ply these waters) it is the most commonly sighted whale around Los Cabos.

Beaches in both Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are bountiful and accessible, although some are crowded with resorts, tourists and commercial activities. Virtually all water and beach sports are readily available, from sportfishing snorkeling, diving, surfing and parasailing to professional volleyball and bikini contests.

Nicklaus-designed course, called El Dorado, opened at the Cabo Real Golf Resort. El Dorado offers golfers the challenge of four lakes, hybrid Bermuda grasses, championship-level greens and approximately 90 bunkers.

Los Cabos has become one of the premier golf destination in Mexico.

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